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Around Campus 

As part of my involvement within the Cornell community I have been invited to attend the Leadership breakfast with President Skorton, faculty, staff, and students to discuss important issues around campus. I have also attended a Student and Trustee dinner at the Big Red Barn, a Tustee meeting to discuss undergraduate and graduate issues, including responsible drinking and fossil fuel divestment, as well as the public portion of the Board of Trustees meeting.

I am the Treasurer in the Crop and Soil Science Department Government Student Association. As part of my duties as Treasurer I help organize department and interdepartmental speakers, coffee hours, potlucks, picnics and camping trips. In addition, I have spearheaded competitions including the Caption Contest, and the Chili Cook-Off, I also have provided student input for the CALS mission statement and am active in interdepartmental merger meetings. 

The GPSA is comprised of Cornell's graduate and professional students, in order to address non-academic issues of common interest. Like other assemblies on campus, the GPSA addresses the constituents concerns and voices them to the University Administration. The GPSA appoints graduate and professional students to university committees, where they have a direct impact on decision making. Responsibilities of the GPSA include: lobbying to improve pay and benefits, quality of healthcare services, sponsor social events, and support for campus programming sponsored by the GPSA. We provided unparalleled support for campus programming sponsored by graduate and professional student organizations. Through the GPSA Finance Commission, we allocate funds (from the Activity Fee) to student groups. My involvement also includes; facilitating committee discussions, attending bi-weekly meetings, and voting in favor of Resolution 3: Need for Systematic, In-Depth, and Logitudinal Data about Mental Health. Resolution 6: A Resolution in Support of GradsHaveDebt2 Campaign. Resolution 8: Cornell Investment and Divestment Strategies for a Sustainable Future. Resolution 9: Workers' Compensation Coverage for Graduate Students.


​The goal of the Graduate & Professional Students Programming Board is to foster a welcoming campus community through the organization of graduate and professional student events and collaborations with other organizations. Ways in which this mission is accomplished are through monthly Interschool Mixers, Grad Night's Out, and larger events including Zombie Lurch and the Grad Ball. Recently the GPSPB was awarded by-line funding, so the events will continue to flourish for the graduate and professional student community. The meetings are bi-weekly and newcomers are always welcome! If you are interested in joining us, please contact,

Ann Bybee-finley

Zombie Lurch.
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Crop and Soil Science GSA Picnic

Anti-fracking message in Ithaca.